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Councils and cities are being presented with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reinvigorate their tired infrastructure by adopting ‘Smart-City’ technologies - revenue generation, cost-savings and enhanced resident safety – overall, an improved quality of life for the Council’s resident ratepayers.

Over 100 different use-cases have so far been identified that each increase efficiency or improve quality of life. Each use-case is promoted by multiple global suppliers, offering differing quality devices and monitoring options.

Can they all fit together? Can they be integrated elegantly into the streetscape? Can Council monitor and manage all that data efficiently on one platform?

The Experts all agree….Avoid vendor, network or eco-system lock-in through proprietary systems – instead choose open-source, agnostic platforms that allow for future flexibility; combine lighting upgrades with smart-city IoT to ensure elegant streetscapes; and insist on a single data monitoring Interface to optimise efficiency gains.

“The entire point is to respond more to the needs and desires of residents…. Smart cities need to focus on improving outcomes for residents and enlisting their active participation in shaping the places they call home.”

McKinsey Global Institute – Smart Cities: Digital solutions for a more liveable future, June 2018

FELICITY is the personality behind Smart Cities,

enabling the deployment of highly sophisticated technologies,

empowering communities to improve the quality of life for their citizens.

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