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FELICITY CONNECT is based in New Zealand and was majority acquired by Felicity Smart Infrastructure in 2019.

Previously known as SENSUM, Felicity Connect provides Network Operators with a carrier-grade multi-protocol IoT device management platform that allows all of their connecting software systems to integrate.

Provided as a Business Operations Support Service – FELICITY BOSS – our platform makes integrations and project deployments far easier, significantly better and more efficient.

Critically, Northbound signals are translated from whatever language they are received in for data management by the Business Logic and Application layer software.

And then Southbound signals from the Business Logic and Application layer software are re-interpreted back into the communications protocol required by the receiving sensor device.

FELICITY BOSS means that Network Operators’ customers can have confidence that ANY IoT device they choose to deploy in the future can integrate on a ‘plug and play’ basis, simply and easily.

More information can be found on the complete FELICITY CONNECT website here.

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