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FELICITY Connect is new to the FELICITY Smart Infrastructure group, having been majority acquired in mid-2019.


Previously known in the New Zealand market as ‘Sensum’, FELICITY Connect has developed and manages a cloud-based software interface known as the “SMART CITY APP®”


This user-friendly SMART CITY APP® shows all Streetlights and Smart City technology sensors on a single visual platform and can be installed as either a web-based program or in-premise Server program.


FELICITY Connect’s Smart City App allows data monitoring, management and pre-programmed auto-responses to optimize efficiency in all required fields of opportunity as determined by each client.


The SMART CITY APP® is a completely interoperable ‘plug and play’ interface that allows clients to incorporate their chosen Smart City technology components and providers.

It is the software interface that allows each Client to interact with their LED Smart Streetlights and their Publicly deployed Smart City Technology layer. Whilst the Smart City App typically uses LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) network protocols, it can also integrate as middleware, enabling two-way communications North and South with almost nil network cost.


FELICITY Connect’s Smart City App is world-leading technology combining State of the Art Visual Interface with the full range of communication protocols. It truly is ‘Plug and Play’ technology and is unique in the Smart City Infrastructure sector.

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