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Providing bespoke lighting solutions and design adaptions.

Design and





Our designs are coined from our European background with a mix of Nordic principles and Italian timeless flair.


Felicity’s design team is headed up by Valerio Tofaneli who is based in our Danish design and development office.


Valerio’s Italian background combined with input from his Danish design and engineering team delivers solutions that are perfect both in terms of form and function. 



Through our many decorative streetlight upgrades we have learned a lot from our partners and clients.


Timeless designs that discretely retrofits to the existing assets and provides safer environmentally friendly lighting is always the target.


Local citizens have strong feelings around streetscape design within their local neighbour hoods.


Our designers work with input from our partners and provide bespoke solutions and design adaptions to make sure quality solutions are implemented to the satisfaction of all stakeholders:


Whole of Life & Easy Maintenance 


Felicity understands the cost and risk of streetlight maintenance. To ensure long term cost efficient and integrator friendly systems we have designed our products over the years of learning and working closely with partners across the world.


Tool free and immediate access to all internal active parts of the luminaire is important. The unique gear access system makes upgrades and site repair a feasible option.


Our hinge systems make it possible to replace both service electronics, as well as LEDs without unmounting the light:


Even for our decorative lights, we have considered this requirement that supports a safer and work friendly network with less boots on the road:


Easy Retrofits 


Your LED upgrade benefits are maximised by utilizing the existing streetlight poles to the extent possible.

Felicity’s designers have a deep understanding of streetscape design and existing assets. As such, we have taken this knowledge into careful consideration for the designs.

Our GYRO design is a perfect example of this ideology around easy upgrades on existing assets:


GYRO’s timeless contemporary design is modular on purpose, cleverly having the ability to retrofit to (an estimated) 99% of all existing assets. In fact, past experience would lead us to quote 100% of all existing assets but we reserve our judgement on any poles or wires we haven’t yet seen!

With our deep portfolio of mounting options for GYRO including side, top, pendant, catenary and park mounted we have delivered GYRO upgrades to tens of thousands of streetlight poles.





The key functionalities are also well demonstrated via the following links:

City of Christchurch’ Service division is known as Connetics, responsible for installation and maintenance of all Streetlight assets on behalf of the Council. Their maintenance crew has widely acknowledged the efficiency of the quick release gear tray and - we quote -
“this should be the standard for all lights”. 

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