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WIFI Business Drivers

  • Some key smart city apps require big data networks to operate making Felicity Connect is the perfect compliment to Felicity Axis (the Narrow Band solution)

  • Users expect Internet everywhere and all the time!

  • The current cellular networks cannot meet the growing data demand for bandwidth and coverage

  • Expansion of LTE/4G have large CAPEX demand and limited ARPU- Operators see carrier-grade Wi-Fi as the solution

  • The WIFI technology is developing into to a managed and controlled service

WiFi Smart City Apps

There are so many options with your Felicity Connect meshed WiFi, that can be had at a fraction of the cost compared to cellular data, here are a few that our clients are currently enjoying:

  • WiFi access to remote communities - providing greater equality

  • Ability to provide free public WiFi - attracting visitors and tourism

  • Autonomous Vehicles - infrastructure is set up to navigate future driverless vehicles

  • Artificial Intelligence Traffic Systems

    • Road sensory management

    • Traffic volume analysis

    • Passenger movements

    • Flooding sensors

  • CCTV Security (see more below)

Monetize your Assets

Let your network pay its own way by monetizing your assets including:

  • Provide Internet access

  • Data collection and selling

  • Smart parking

  • ITS systems

FELICITY Cam - Increased Safety and Security

Felicity Cam provides affordable and secure CCTV, when connected through Felicity Connect meshed WiFi , with the following benefits:

  • Crime is reduced with Increased CCTV coverage in problem areas

  • Faster response times are possible with a Direct CCTV data stream to the Police Station

  • Monetize this asset by deploying CCTV for private security contractors via the public WiFi system

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