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FELICITY CONNECT is based in New Zealand and was majority acquired by Felicity Smart infrastructure in 2019.

Previously known as SENSUM, FELICITY  Connect provides end-user clients with a single ‘Visualisation’ Application that allows clients to see on a map the Streetlights and IoT Devices that have been deployed throughout their community.

Each client can then monitor and proactively manage the pulse of their community through data management, with the ability to establish alerts and auto-response instructions back down to Streetlights and Sensors that are operating and active in the field.

Critically, the FELICITY Connect platform is open-source and multi-protocol with respect to networks and communications – this allows clients to literally ‘plug and play’ additional technologies and devices as their needs change and as technologies evolve.

No other end-user client interface allows this flexibility.

FELICITY Connect truly does empower a Governing Authority to improve the quality of life of its citizens!

More information can be found on the complete FELICITY CONNECT website here.

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