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Felicity improves the safety and efficiency of Roads, Rail and Ports globally.

Our AI-Driven Mobility Monitoring Service is Better, Faster and Cheaper than any alternative or substitute. 

Our Smart City Streetlights - designed in-house in Denmark -
utilize Felicitys' Patented Technology to become the most energy-efficient in the world in accordance with global standards. 

Felicity’s Products meet the highest standards of performance and reliability and our Service levels constantly exceed the expectations of our customers.


With a focus on “Plug & Play”, our product range adapts to and informs a broad range of smart city scenarios.

Felicity’s energy-efficient LED Streetlights, Smart Streetlighting, and Mobility Monitoring solutions are comprehensive.


Our service-oriented team is dedicated to ensuring each clients’ bespoke project or urban planning layout delivers relevant and reliable data to optimise strategic and tactical decisions whilst increasing operational efficiency.


Felicity’s focus on continual improvement ensures our highly skilled team remains ahead of technological innovation and market advances, giving our clients confidence that our ongoing mobility monitoring service delivers best-in-class insights.

Thank you for choosing Felicity.

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